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My goodness am I thrilled to say that I'm going back to Malawi this summer! After traveling with Circle of Hope in 2016 and 2017, I knew my heart had found a home at the Grace Center. I saw joy in hard places, found courage in weak moments, and experienced a nearness to the Lord unlike any other. 

This summer, I'll be heading out in July to work with the Grace Center's textile shop. Specifically, I'll be helping to train the employees on how to attract more customers, present their merchandise in a different way, and to really encourage these men and women that their business can be all they've hoped for. 

I find the sweetest part of all this being that the Lord gave me a passion for business before I truly understood why. Throughout my four years in business school, I've been praying for an opportunity for the Lord to use what I've been learning in a way that will honor Him. With His guidance, He led me back to Malawi to do just that. Thank you for considering supporting me on my journey to watch two of my passions collide!

Thank you for your gift to send me to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!

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