Maddie Short Returns To Malawi!


I am so excited to make my return to the warm heart of Africa in just a couple of months! After hearing all of the stories about Malawi for the last ten years from my family, I finally got to make the trek myself in the summer of 2017 to experience all they had talked about. From the moment I stepped off the bus, I was immediately surrounded by kids tugging on my hand and welcoming me to their home, and I knew it wouldn't be the last time I was there. This trip to Malawi gave me a new perspective and I learned a lot from the kids. They helped remind me of the simplicity of joy. As my sister Karly has been there a couple times in the last year, I have had the privilege of FaceTiming the kids at the Grace Center when she is there. I love having the opportunity to connect with them throughout the year, hearing how school is going and how they are growing in their faith. BUT - I am so excited to reunite with them and grow our relationships in real life!

 During my time in Malawi, I will be there with the medical team. Our medical team will focus on performing wellness exams for the children in the programs at The Grace Center. I will help assist with check-in and registration on clinic days. I also will be using my photography and videography skills in whatever way Circle of Hope needs them! When our team is finished with our day's work, we will all spend time with the kids at Timothy's Home and Patricia's home! 

 I was blown away at the support I received for my last trip, both monetarily and prayerfully - and I trust that God will provide a way for my return. Thank you for your consideration to help me make my return to Malawi!

Thank you for your gift to send me to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!