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My Heart Was Opened; I Felt So LIght

Chief Kambulire was a bitter, hard man. As a Senior Group Headman, responsible for hundreds of villages and thousands of people, his focus was on worldly, personal gain.

One day, a simple message, preached at a funeral in his village, stuck in his heart. Chief Kambulire shares how that message reverberated in his thoughts day after day, until finally, he surrendered and gave his heart to Jesus.

Don't take my word for it, here is Chief Kambulire's story in his own words.

Many of us are carrying very heavy burdens today. Our hearts are weighed down with sorrow, heart ache, lost dreams, broken ambitions. Will you allow Jesus to take those burdens today? Will you receive from him the healing, forgiveness, wholeness that he longs to give you?

Share your story with us and let us know how we can pray for you.

A Mother to Many


Mayi Sitilitsa Dziko's Story 

I was young when I married my husband. We had five children together. They were all still small when my husband passed away in 1995. As a single mom, I had to take care of my family. I would travel into the mountains to cut fire wood and carry it back to the market to sell. Cutting firewood is very difficult. I used a machete to cut the wood. Then I wrapped it up into a bundle to carry back on my head. I would leave my home early in the morning and work all day. I could not take food or water with me, because I needed both hands to carry the firewood. So I would be very hungry every day. My children would stay with my mother-in-law. She would care for them while I was working. In those days I could make about 40 cents a day.

I had so many problems. My parents were very, very poor and were not able to help me. I began to pray and pray asking Jesus for a way out of our problems. Shortly after I started praying this prayer, I met Pastor Phiri and I began working at the Grace Center caring for the children.

My life is quite different now. I am very proud of the opportunity to work at the Grace Center. I am so proud of our children. I take care of the boys in Timothy’s Home. It makes me so happy. We pray together and we read the bible together. I can see that the boys are beginning to change. Here at the Grace Center, we are using cement to build our buildings. I am now seeing that the lessons I am teaching the boys from the bible are like cement in our lives. We will not be shaken or moved. Though troubles come at us like flood waters, we are strong, we will not be swept away in the flood. My boys are now able to preach these truths to the adults!

My piece in the puzzle is to raise up young men who can preach the Word of God boldly. Their lives will be built on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ and cemented in with Truth.


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The Watchman at the Gate

Urgent Edifala's Story

I was truly lost. My life was far from Christ. Our family was very poor.  There was nothing in our home, nothing of any value at all in our lives. My life was terrible. My parents almost gave up on me, I was so awful. I was always fighting and causing trouble everywhere. There were many pastors who tried to preach to me, but one day I finally realized that I needed Jesus. I gave my heart to Jesus and began to follow him. After that my life began to change.

The first time I saw Pastor Phiri, we had just started attending church. It was in 1987. Phiri was a member of my church so we got to know each other. We also started working together. Phiri and I would travel into the mountains to cut bamboo in the forest. We would leave the house at 4 am and climb into the mountains for about 3 hours, cut bamboo for 1 hour and then return. Each of us would carry four bundles of bamboo on our head. Coming back we would run as quickly as we could to get the load home. Then we would sell the bamboo to make money to take care of our families. Around that same time, our church elected us to begin serving as lay leaders together.


In 2006, I was one of the original group of men who started the Grace Center with Pastor Phiri. I remember those nights when our first team came in 2007. We men stayed up through the night, singing and laughing, keeping watch over our visitors.

What’s my piece of the puzzle? I am a watchman! I protect Pastor Phiri and our children. I began working at the Grace Center on April 15, 2009 as a Security Officer. I love my job. It gives me great joy. 

Summer of 2014, All of our Grace Center Security Guards 

Summer of 2014, All of our Grace Center Security Guards 

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Community Health Warrior - Kennedy's Story

Kennedy running treating a wound, clinic summer 2014

Kennedy running treating a wound, clinic summer 2014

My mom died when I was 7 and my father died when I was 10. There was no one left in my family to care for me, so I moved from house to house living off the mercy of people in the local villages. When I was 16, I came to live with Mr. Jonamu. That’s when I met Pastor Phiri and started going to church.

After a few years of living with Mr. Jonamu, things began to get very difficult. There were so many children in Jonamu’s family and there wasn’t enough room in the house. I needed to move out. I wanted to get married but I didn’t have a home or any way to support a wife or family. I decided one day to go to Pastor Phiri and tell him about my problems. This was in 2005. Pastor took out his bible and began to read scripture to me. He told me about how Jesus gave his life for me. That day I received Jesus as my Savior. Pastor helped me find a house and paid the first year’s rent. 

In 2009, a group of us from the church were praying one day. We felt like God was calling us to begin caring for the sick and dying in their homes. I was the first volunteer!

Now our group has grown into Community Health Evangelism. We teach people in the local villages about community health. We care for the sick and dying. We clean their houses, check on their medications, give baths and do laundry. We help people with AIDS get connected with the district hospital to get the medication they need to stay healthy. We take care of the children at the orphanage, preschool and primary school when they are sick and we care for their wounds so they don’t get infected.

I was lost and Jesus found me. I was an orphan, now I am a son! I was a stranger and I was taken in. Now I have a family, a church and a community who love me and accept me.

What is my piece of the puzzle? A few years ago, we were at a funeral in a distant village from the Grace Center. As we were leaving the funeral I heard strange cries coming from a goat pen near the path. I saw there was a young boy tied up in the pen. My heart burned with justice! It took several days for us to get custody of the boy, but now he is safe with us, living at the Grace Center.

My piece of the puzzle is to fight for the children and the people of my community – for their health and to win them to Jesus!

What Piece is in Your Hands? 

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