We're so excited for how God provides and we want to invite you to keep praying for his wonderful provision for our children and to stop by regularly to see how we're doing!

Our Primary School Goal

We are currently raising funds for several projects at the Primary School.

4 New Classroom Buildings + an additional 1st grade classroom: $16,000 each (We have completed one classroom Building.)

Kitchen and Dining Hall: $50,000

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Our Maternal Care Center Goal

As a Legacy for our Baby Steven whom we lost on December 15, 2017, we are adding a Neo-Natal component to our Maternal Care Center. 

Kitchen for Care-givers and Expectant Mothers: $6,500

Expectant Mother Hostel: $8,000

Teaching Pavilion: $6,500

Neo-Natal Care: $20,000 (We are still working out a plan for neo-natal care -- options include an incubator, generator, training for our Malawi doctor, our CHE and for our Patricia's Home mothers. This is an estimated cost, we will refine the number as we gather information and finalize our plan.)

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