We're so excited for how God provides and we want to invite you to keep praying for his wonderful provision for our children and to stop by regularly to see how we're doing!

Our School Lunch Goal

it seems like a constant goal to raise money for food. From the 6 kitchens on the Grace Center campus, we provide breakfast and lunch for nearly 1000 people every day (sometimes more). Our suppers are just for the night staff and for the children but those meals add up too when we're feeding nearly 100 people every night. That's a big pot of beans and nsima!

Right now we're raising money to supplement our corn crop. We try to grow enough corn, but that isn't always possible between our growing family and the inconsistent weather!

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Our Primary School Goal

We are currently raising funds for several projects at the Primary School.

School Books: $4000

3 New Classroom Blocks + an additional 1st grade classroom: $16,000 each

Kitchen and Dining Hall: $50,000

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Our Maternity Center Goal

We are moving ahead with the development of our Maternity Center. Here are the specific needs

Completion of our Labor and Delivery Rooms: $8,000

Kitchen for Care-givers and Expectant Mothers: $6,500

Expectant Mother Hostel: $8,000

Teaching Pavilion: $6,500

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