“Being the hands and feet of Christ”

Mission to Malawi 

Cassie // 2019


This summer, God has once again led me somewhere I can use the gifts He has given me to share the love of Christ. I’m beyond excited to be going to Africa where I get to love on the children there and express God’s joy. I can’t wait to see smiles appear as I teach skills they can use to live in freedom; expressing their feelings and journeys through art. Both art and kids are things I’ve had a passion for my whole life. As my heart grows to know the Lord more and more everyday I hope you can be in prayer with me as we expect God to do what only He can do. 


"I will praise you, LORD,

with all my heart and tell about the wonders

you have worked."

- Psalms 9:1-2  

Thank you for your gift to send me to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!