Brittany Ufheil's 2019 Trip to Malawi

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An exciting opportunity has come up last minute for me to go on a trip to Malawi, Africa from Jan 9-22nd, 2019.  Karen from Circle of Hope, International sent out an email in November asking for help with some big projects, one of which is getting the Medical Clinic certified and running by the end of January 2019.  She asked us to prayerfully consider going and I just felt my heart jump at what I felt God was asking me to do after reading it. So although it doesn't make logical sense to do this last minute, I feel it makes "God-sense" and He knows best and will lead the way!   

I will be helping Karly, our amazing nurse, and the Malawian doctor with getting supplies in Lilongwe, meeting with the Medical Council for them to come certify the clinic to open and setting up the clinic to be ready for opening day.  I will also be helping Karen with a special event for the young ladies in the school, getting the Doctor's house finished and other projects.  There are so many good things happening there for the kids and their future!  It is beautiful to see God's hand on this organization.  We have even started a tree farm in order to counteract the terrible deforestation that has happened in so much of Africa.  If you know me well you know I LOVE LOVE trees so I'll be planting as many fruit trees I possibly can!!

Thank you for your gift to send me to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!

I need to raise $2600 for my trip to Malawi. Will you help send me?

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