Loving God’s Children: OT in Malawi

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Hello friends and family! I am excited to share with you that God has called me to Malawi (Africa) to serve. Some of you know I was supposed to go last year, but it was cancelled due to an unsafe situation. Fear and sadness took over, knowing I would never get to go. I couldn’t possibly put myself in harm’s way because I am mom. As I unpacked my bags with tears, God clearly told me “We haven’t finished what we started.” I stopped unpacking and left the bags in my living room as a reminder of our unfinished business. So, here I go! With this conviction, God gave me peace about Malawi and I have all my OT supplies ready! It is the first time he has called me specifically to do OT in the mission field! Those of you that know me well know I go anywhere as long as there are children to love on, particularly those with special needs. In Malawi, special needs kids are often overlooked and are not valued members of society. We know God loves them and I pray He uses me to convey this in a BIG way! Would you please take time to pray for our team, pray for Cameron (my son) while I am gone, and pray that God will use our talents in ways we could never imagine. Our team will travel in June. Although I raised money last year, and so many of you humbled me with your generous donation, we lost our flight money due to last minute cancellation. Any small amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated! I truly thank God for this opportunity, as I know I will return a changed woman! Thank you all for your support.
With love and blessings,


Thank you for your gift to send us to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!